Life at EON

At EON, what is appreciated most is the enthusiasm to be creative and shoulder responsibility, and the drive and hard work put in by its partners has made EON a credible, respected and competitive player in its domain.

There are no employees at EON. Only partners, who are a part of the organization. A flattened organizational hierarchy ensures that the energy of over 75 partners is optimally channelised. The energy of the partners is kindled by the motivational leadership objective of E3 – Empowerment, Enrichment and Engagement. This objective is well implemented by dynamic human resources programs, practices and management initiatives.

People need to enjoy themselves to be able to realize their full potential at work; they need to have fun-at-work. And at EON we do just that. We have a great work environment that includes facilities such as a café, games room and other recreation facilities so necessary to unwind. At EON we believe in our age old policy, VASUDEV KUTUMBKAM, “the world is our family” and celebrate festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas and special days like EON day with great energy which has kindled a familial spirit in the organizations.

The partners spread across the country have access to a common platform where they can share their resources and expertise with each other – an enterprise wide knowledge sharing and communication system to manage Eon’s intellectual assets.

From policies and procedures to ideas and suggestions, this open forum exists for intellectual exchange. Articles, weekly columns, presentations and research data etc. Partners can also refer information on the company’s background and history, its structure, hierarchy, vision, policies, core activities, special initiatives and rewards, customer feedback and industry updates. This opportunity for exchange of ideas and for ready access to organization related information facilitates a sense of identification with the organization’s mission and its growth.

Human Resource Practices:

Stars at EON are high-achievers who most closely live the vision and mission of the organization. Stars are groomed to take up leadership roles and are involved in providing strategic direction and future focus areas of the company.

Skills Up-Gradation Policy:

Up gradation and continuous enhancement of skill and knowledge is pre-requisite to success in software industry. Providing supports to its partners in upgrading their skills and knowledge, EON sponsors them to various skill-enhancement opportunities.