Our Vision

“We envision ourselves in the leadership position in providing embedded product-realisation solutions in India ”.


As we use this term, leadership means more revenue, more profit, more innovation that serves our customer’s needs, and a more attractive place to work than any competitor. Achieving this ambitious objective will require that we double our revenue and profit every year for the next two years, and then double them every two years thereafter. It will require that we become less India oriented, more externally focused, have a mix of products and services, and continue to maintain a special focus on the wireless communications domain, which is our core competence. It will require us to deliver, time and again, world class solutions at Indian prices. The business will be sufficiently de-risked through a judicious customer spread and a component of revenue coming through projects with predictable cash flows. We sincerely believe that if we work together, we can create this change and in the process create a firm that will be admired by our stockholders, customers, employees, and the community.”