About Us

Eon Infotech Limited is a technology company headquartered in the Northern Indian city of Chandigarh. Founded in 2000 by a team of first-generation entrepreneurs, it is today providing cutting-edge technology products in the domain of asset tracking systems and defence electronics to its clients.
We specialize in delivering World Class Embedded software-based and VLSI design solutions. To this end, Eon owns a number of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).

At Eon Infotech Limited, we have just one raison d’etre – “to make our customer’s Vision Possible”. Putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes, we seek first to understand her needs, and then work closely with her to deliver technology solutions that satisfy those needs. This single-minded focus has helped us succeed in the marketplace consistently.

Our client includes some of the most prestigious multinationals ( including Fortune 500 companies), defence and law enforcement agencies, government and corporates. People who keep coming back to us for more and more solutions.

Needless to say, we are a systems-driven, ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, currently working towards SEI CMM Level 3.
Eon Infotech Limited. Making our Customer’s Vision possible. Day after Day. Everyday.

Businesses Beyond Embedded:

Though an embedded solutions specialist, as a part of its evolution and the experience of its various key personnel, Eon has identified key niches where it has built small but highly successful businesses by partnering best-of-breed technology companies to deliver significant value to its customers. These are businesses run by independent business heads whose charter is to ensure that Eon continues to lead these respective businesses in the region. We call them “Businesses Beyond Embedded”. These businesses are :

Eon has some of the finest brains in Open Source technologies, and we offer much-sought after solutions in this space. One of our solutions is cybernetra.
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As a Workforce Development Program Partner of Oracle Corporation, the world’s largest Information Management Software Company, we

  • Provide the cutting-edge in globally recognized Oracle training and certification.
  • Provide manpower to Oracle India to carry out demanding assignment for its clients.
  • Develop Information management applications for our clients employing the latest in database technology.
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VLSI Technologies Group:

We partner Semiconductor Complex Limited, the country’s pioneer and the only vertically integrated semiconductor facility nationwide, to deliver six-month full-time Advanced Post Graduate Diploma to first-class Electronics engineering graduates selected through an all-India entrance test, who then go on to find excellent careers for themselves with the likes of Texas Instruments, Alliance Semiconductor, ST Microelectronics, etc..
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