Products For Defence

Fire Control System – Kavach

This product is deployed onboard Naval ships and is used as a counter against incoming missile threat. It is highly effective against search and target indication radars as Chaff is deployed in the threatened ship’s vicinity to confuse an enemy’s sensors by offering a number of false targets with the aim of delaying selection of a real target.

The product is also effective against other types of threats during the target search phase. A threatened ship can surround itself with decoys, when missile attack is imminent. On the commencement of pre-programmed search of the target area it will select a decoy before reaching the threatened ship.

Fire Control System T90 – Power Unit (PU) & Automatic Control Unit (ACU)

Both these units are part of the FCS of T90. The unit enables the gunner to simply aim the main armament at an enemy tank and press a button to independently track the target, traversing the turret and raising or lowering the main armament accordingly.

Till now 21 Power units and 15 ACUs have been supplied to the customer. Eon is currently the only Indian company which has been granted the Bulk production clearance based on the extensive lab testing and field trials.

CREW – Libra

Libra is a Manpack counter RCIED Electronic Warfare System which is suitable for ROP as well as convoy protection duties. This equipment can act as a Pre Initiator as well as a neutraliser to provide enhanced protection to convoys and to movements to newer Areas of Responsibility. The subsystems are designed on the concept of Software Designed Radio and combine the power of software with the reach of wireless to deliver maximum value to the user. The equipment works from an internal battery with easy provision of changing the battery set and fast rate of charging.


CRIS is a handheld counter RCIED Electronic Warfare Equipment which neutralises the militant deployed RCIEDs within its range. Weighing just 1200 grams, CRIS is ideal for the protection of individual soldier on road opening or patrol duties. It is also useful to give protection to the moving convoys.

CREW Equipment – Leo

Leo is a Manpack CREW system which is suitable for Long Range Patrols, Special ops as well as convoy protection duties. This equipment can provide an effective solution against threats using public networks.

The equipment works from internal batteries with easy provision of changing the battery and fast recharging. Leo covers the four bands of interest simultaneously. Depending on the necessity and assessed environmental conditions, the band selection can be varied or, if required, a particular channel can be switched off. The wired Remote Control Device enables the soldier to switch on the system only when he enters the vulnerable areas.

CREW Equipment – Aqua

Aqua is a Manpack CREW equipment which is suitable for handling threats emanating from WiFi and other ISM signals and hence can provide enhanced protection to troops involved in counter insurgency operations. Aqua equipment works from internal batteries with facility to easily change the battery in operational conditions. The system uses state of art Technology and can handle multiple threats simultaneously.